Annual Report Filing & Scam Reminder

We are in month two of the new year, so we wanted to remind you that your annual report for your business needs to be filed between now and May 1st (each year). If you do not file this annual report by May 1st, there is a $400 late fee you must pay in order to keep your business from being dissolved for failure to file the annual report.

Each year around this time, the Florida Secretary of State sends out notices about the annual reports; however, there is also a scam going around requiring you to file your annual minutes for your business, which can be confused with the REQUIRED filing of the annual report.

Keep your eyes open for this scam.  It is a notice that solicits a $125 fee, which notifies you to submit your annual minutes. The Department of State (or any state or government agency) do not need annual minutes to be filed. Company minutes are an item that can be completed in-house annually.

The annual report IS a requirement and DOES need to be filed every year with the Florida Secretary of State to remain a current and active business.

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