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I was referred to Lisa Adams and Licenses Etc. by another very satisfied contractor whose opinion I trusted. After speaking with Lisa the first time, I knew that it was going to be well worth it to utilize Licenses etc. She and her staff were responsive and prompt. They helped with setting up our new company as well as securing both the General Contractor’s license and the Roofing Contractors license. Not only were the services worth it, but Lisa’s insights and advice saved me from making some serious mistakes that would have cost me time and money. I couldn’t recommend her more.

Ajay Bhatt
01/05/2018, StrikeForce Construction

Contractor Licenses

Because of the complexity of the applications and the confusing nature of the rules surrounding the contractor licensing process, we have a steady demand for our services. While the actual filling out of paperwork can be time consuming, we earn our money from the advice and guidance we provide. What happens to many contractors is that they assume it’s a simple matter of filling out forms, and mailing them in to the state. Unfortunately, they then spend several months responding to deficiency letters issued by the state listing everything that is missing or incomplete in their application. We routinely assist contractors who are simply stuck or have been denied. To the busy contractor with jobs lined up and money on the line, risking a long delay or denial is not an option. They choose to tap into the experience we’ve gained from processing thousands of applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Construction – Four years.
  • Electrical – Two years
  • A “certified contractor” is a state wide contractor licensed at the state level.Certified license numbers begin with the letterC“.
  • A “registered contractor” is a contractor who has a county license (or multiple) who then had to register that license with the state because it was a major trade. Registered contractors can only work in the county in which they have a competency card. Registered contractors are designated by an occupation code which begins with the letter “R“.
  • Experience is valid no matter where it was done as long as it was done legally in that area at that time and projects meet the minimum requirements.

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