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Kristie Cook and her group are fantastic. I tried to go through the license application process on my own and after having my package sent back I decided to use this service. They were always on top of my application and moved the process quickly. Within ten days of them re submitting my application, I received my CGC number from the state. I would strongly recommend Licenses, ETC to anyone attempting to secure a license throught the state.

OCTOBER 17, 2009

Kristy knew exactly what I needed to get my license very quick. They offer a great service and was well worth the money. Thanks Kristy.
Steve Robinson

OCTOBER 13, 2009

very professional, highly recommended

SEPTEMBER 23, 2009

Their service was prompt and personal. They provided the necessary reminders to keep the license application on track and made the entire process very easy for our business.

AUGUST 24, 2009

I’ve never dealt with a more professional company!! These girls know there stuff! If you need to get your lisense and you don’t want to wait for months to do so,then let these girls do there thing and you just sit back and wait!! Thanks Kristie you are a true professional in your field!Worth every penny!!

AUGUST 8, 2009

Licenses, Etc. made the process of getting my GC license incredibly easy and fast! I would recomend them to anyone who is considering getting their license.

JULY 2, 2009

Well worth the money.
Made the process quick, easy, and painfree.
The updates and newsletters are very helpful as well.
Thanks for everything!!!!!

JUNE 25, 2009

I was very pleased with my experience at Licenses Etc. Chrissi and Kristie are very knowledgeable about the requirements and process for getting a contractor’s license in Florida. They are very easy to work with, easy to reach and very clear about what needs to be done to expedite the process. I have recommended them to two other people who both also had great experiences with them. As my budget permits, I fully intend to have them set up a marketing plan and website for my business. I can’t say enough good things about Kristie and Chrissy, there services were the only easy part of getting my Contractor’s License!

JUNE 15, 2009

You ladies are the bomb! I was extremenly happy with the excellent, timely service.

JUNE 1, 2009

They took what was a daunting process and turned it into a gravy train. I had my license months before I would have but the paperwork together myself. I believe we all have our specialties in life. I hire an bookkeeper because data entry and taxes are NOT my specialties. Beautiful kitchens and baths are. Paperwork to the State of Florida is NOT my specialty….It is Licenses, Etc..It was just worth every dime.

MAY 30, 2009

When I was ready to get my contractors license I had no idea how to go about it and after several phone calls I ended up with Chrissi’s phone number. She told me on the phone exactly what she needed, we set up an appointment that lasted about 1 hour, we talked on the phone briefly 1 more time and within 6 weeks I had my Builder contractors license in my hands. It was simple and quick.

She also processed all the paperwork for my corporation, Tax ID, workers comp, etc…(just like their name implies). Instantly she became my go to girl for any and all issues that had anything to do with my business (ex. payroll processing). Even when my questions had nothing to do with what she does, she would research and find and answer for me. Twice after she got me licensed, we also qualified other companies. Also simple and quick. I have also recommended them to others who have gone on to get all of their issues resolved satisfactorily. Their reviews will reflect as positively as mine. I have nothing but good things to say and want to assure you that every word of this review is absolutely true.

Best of luck girls.
To your continued success,

MAY 30, 2009

Chrissi & Christie are the best! Fast, effective and efficient. I would not be where I am now, without them.

MAY 30, 2009

I only have GREAT things to say about Licenses Etc. I used them to get my GC processed and they made it smooth as silk and easy to understand so when a friend got his license i sent him to the Ladys and he was very happy also.

MAY 29, 2009

We could not have done this on our own! Chrissi was wonderful. She made the process seem easy. Their follow up news letters are great. I would highly recommend this company.

MAY 29, 2009

Applying for a State license can be as daunting as taking the test, but Licenses, Etc gave me step by step directions on applying for my State CBC license, as well as instructions on setting up my business. As my business has grown, the young ladies have been a valuable asset in keeping me informed on changes in the industry and reminders of time sensitive Corporate filings. I consider Licenses, Etc an integral part of my administrative team and will continue to recommend them and their services.

MAY 29, 2009

Highly knowledgeable and helpful with all my license questions and needs. Very “hands-on” through the entire process which was key to making a very cumbersome task easy and quick.

MAY 29, 2009

Great customer service. Takes the time to help with any questions you may have. They make the painstaking process of getting the Fla contractors license much more simplified.Thanks for everything!

MAY 29, 2009

Perfect experience ! I would use this company any time and I will recommend them to everybody I know.

MAY 29, 2009

We would absolutely recommend Licenses Etc! These ladies do an outstanding job of cutting through the red tape. They know the system and can navigate it for you leaving you time to do what you need to do to get your business going. Well worth the fee for the service!

MAY 28, 2009

Chrissy has been such a great help! She has made the whole process very quick and painless! She sends updates often and makes sure we know what is going on with our paper work at all times. Keep up the great work!!

MAY 28, 2009

Highly recommended one of the best transactions i have ever been involved in i say this with having 25 years as a contractor in fla.

MAY 28, 2009

I have used Licenses, Etc on more than one occasion. They are fast, efficient and do very friendly to work with. I highly recomend them.

MAY 28, 2009

Chrissi was extremely helpful, she held our hand through the entire process. I will use Licenses, Etc. again! “5 stars is not enough!!!”

MAY 28, 2009

When we started the process of getting licensed the process was overwhelming, we contacted the wonderful staff of Licenses etc. they took us through step by step, it was easy and quick. All of our licensing questions were answered in plain english and paperwork was a breeze with the help of their knowledgeable staff. If it hadn’t been for them we might still be jumping through hoops for the state. Thanks alot!

MAY 28, 2009

The ladies at Licenses, Etc. were amazing! They made going through the license processes stress free and easy! With constant updates on our status we were able to stay focus on our current work! Great job!

MAY 28, 2009

The licensing process in the glass and glazing field in not only time consuming but also very in depth. Chrissi and Kristie performed the licensing legwork for us so that we could continue to sell and install our shower door products. They stayed in touch with me so that we submitted our paperwork in a timely fashion and avoided having to do the work three or four times.

MAY 28, 2009

Chrissie and the team at Licenses etc. is one of the best business experiences of my career. The service is knowledgable, follows up, covered all of the angles the first time, and continues to provide me with deadline dates and filings after our contract was paid in full. I could not recommend any business higher.
Brian Weaver
the Glendale Group
10166 Boca Court
Naples, FL 34109
(239) 253-6139

MAY 28, 2009

Without the help of Licenses Etc. I never would have received my contractor’s license. Anyone who has delt with the state understands how difficult it can be. They handle everything. I would highly recommend Licenses Etc.

MAY 28, 2009

Excellent company to work with. Prompt, efficient and very reliable. Made the licensing process appear to be a breeze. Would highly recommend Licenses, Etc. to anyone needing a contractors license. Don’t do it yourself, you need these girls to get it done properly without problems. Just under 4 weeks from start to finish on getting my Certified Builders License. Five Stars from SIR Contracting Company Inc.

MAY 28, 2009

I am very pleased with the services & information they provide me & my company (Guy Derrick Steel Erectors). Without Licenses,Etc. I would still be swamped with Tallahassee bureaucracy.

MAY 28, 2009

Everything they said they would do, and excellently at it!!

MAY 28, 2009

Getting licensed as a Building Contractor could not have been easier. You guys made everything incredibly simple and when I hear my buddies horror stories of getting rejected multiple times due to problems with the forms I just chuckle to myself. It has been 2 years since I was licensed and I find myself counting on your newsletters and reminders to keep up with everything. I think the newsletters and reminders alone would have been worth the cost of your fee. Thanks so much and I appreciate all of your hard work!

MAY 28, 2009

Prompt, reliable, gets the job done! They are the best!

APRIL 21, 2009

Chrissi, I never got a chance to thank you. Thank you!! You made this very easy for me and my wife. A great product you guys put out and would recommend using Licenses, Etc. in place of doing it yourself. Thank you so much again!

APRIL 9, 2009

Had the knowledge required to prepare a CGC license submittal package – complete and correct, for approval on first application. Well done!

MARCH 30, 2009

My day to day is so busy. I didn’t have time to do this on my own. You made it less time consuming.

MARCH 20, 2009

Once again, Kristie & Chrissi have outdone themselves and any of their competition. Thanks again you all.

JANUARY 15, 2009

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