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I am a very busy person and don’t have much free time especially when it comes to filing forms with the state. So I decided to hire licenses ect to apply for my general contractors license on my behalf. I will tell you it was best decision I made in this whole process of obtaining my license. Lisa was the best she kept in contact with me the entire time and took care of everything. Very smooth process and believe me it was well worth the fee. Job well done. Thanks to you and your team.

DECEMBER 28, 2016,

Lisa made the process to get a Florida license completely stress free and easy. Without her, we would have still been trying to figure out the process. Lisa also made the process go fast. Within a couple weeks, we had our license. Thank you!

DECEMBER 23, 2016

congrats to you for a wonderful job. you convinced me you knew what you are doing and worth the money. I couldn’t agree more

DECEMBER 21, 2016

Lisa Adams was great to deal with and stayed in it with me through the whole process. everything was handled quickly and professionaly. My license didnt take long to receive at all. Thanks for all your help!!!! Glad i used their services!!!! Jim

DECEMBER 19, 2016

Licenses Etc. came highly recommended to us by a friend in the field when my husband and I were working to establish our own air conditioning business. We could not be more pleased with the process of establishing an Incorporated business as well as obtaining all of the pertinent licensing necessary so that we can make our dream happen. Turn around times and customer service were stellar. Email communication and online forms made this process more simple than we could’ve ever dreamed. We highly recommend this business to help anyone complete the necessary requirements related to getting their license and/or starting up a business in an extremely short time period and with zero stress. The staff at Licenses Etc. are highly professional and a pleasure to work with. Thank you so much for all you’ve helped us establish! Leo & Jennifer Fissette, President & Vice President, Lion Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.

DECEMBER 16, 2016

I had an amazing experience with license etc. Lisa Adams and the Naples office did an outstanding job helping me achieve my contractors license. They answered all my questions and were very knowledgeable on the whole licensing process. I will not hesitate to refer license ext.

DECEMBER 7, 2016

Without Licenses etc. getting my license would have been so so difficult. Thanks to them and especially Lisa Adams for working so hard for me and helping me achieve my dream ! I will recommended them to everyone what a wonderful company ! Thank you!!

DECEMBER 6, 2016

It was a very long and draining process but Lisa help me through it all and we had our license approved within 10 days of submittal with no problems at all she stayed on top of everything she even help me look for the jobs that I previously done excellent job would recommend them to anybody it’s well worth the money trust me I would not of been able to do it without them

NOVEMBER 28, 2016

Excellent service, fast response, surpassed my expectations.

NOVEMBER 3, 2016

Licenses Etc. should be your first contact when considering applying for a Florida contractors license. Sean Dineen and the rest of the staff are consumate professionals that get the job done!

OCTOBER 26, 2016

Could not be happier with my experience with Licenses Ect.. Once I decided to get my licenses I studied hard and hammered through the 3 tests. At this point I handed the ball off to Lisa and her crew, she walked me through the whole process. I would use them again and would recommend them to anyone looking to expedite their paperwork. Quick turnaround at a very reasonable price.
Thanks again,

OCTOBER 10, 2016

Once again, Licenses etc. has outdone themselves, not only did they get me my license originally in 2012 within 2 weeks to beat the deadline before massive changes in the Florida GC licensure process. They then got my friend his license after the changes even faster than mine. As if that wasn’t enough to show you these guys and gals are the only way to go when it comes to getting you i’s dotted and t’s crossed, they helped me once again after I changed the name of my company and had to all but go through the entire original licensing process. Lisa and the entire crew are worth their weight in platinum and I while continue to send them anyone I come across needing their services. The best all around hands down!
-Justin Lantz

OCTOBER 10, 2016

Always helpful and attentive – Could not have done it without you guys


Thank you

OCTOBER 4, 2016

License etc was awesome in assisting with my mold remediation license. Lisa was very helpful and I highly recommend using them for any of your licensing needs.

OCTOBER 3, 2016

This is the second time I use Licenses Etc. Once again Sean helped me get my license quickly and all I had to fill out was some simple paperwork. He was easy to get a hold of and was able to answer all of my questions, I highly recommend them. Thanks Aimee

SEPTEMBER 27, 2016


SEPTEMBER 27, 2016

Thank you So much Lisa! Your expertise turned a scary, daunting task into a relatively stressful free one. I would refer you to anyone.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2016

I have friends in the pool industry that recommended I get someone to take care of the licensing process since it can be a major hair pulling experience. I decided to call Licenses Etc after receiving a mailout from them. From my first call Lisa was very optimistic and helpful which put my mind at ease right away. All I did was give her the info she needed. If anything else was needed she would let me know right away. Any questions I had were answered promptly. In the meantime I could concentrate on other aspects of my business, as well as some relaxation time since I had just spent a month prior preparing and taking two tests!

Something we didn’t expect was the state to claim that I took the wrong trade test but Lisa with her experience called out the state on their error. Thanks to her the state corrected this and within a short time I was issued my license!

Lisa, hiring you was the best decision I made!

Thank you very much!

Naswan Irani
Naz Fixes Pools, Inc.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2016

Sean was efficient, organized and loaded with information. Thank you very much for taking a complex process and making it easy. I can recommend Sean & Licensesetc.com with confidence.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2016

Sean was such a huge help and we were approved on our first time!

SEPTEMBER 12, 2016

Thank you very much. Lisa was a huge help and knew exactly what was needed and what to do to get this done. I wouldn’t have even known where to start. I had an existing company and she handled that as well. You were a great help and got the job done. Thanks again and I will recommend you to anyone going through this process.

Ed Zarzycki
Sunbuilt Frame & Trim Inc.

AUGUST 30, 2016

The folks at Licenses etc. (Sean Dinneen) did an outstanding job at facilitating and submitting my licenses package to the DBPR. First submission with no issues, 2 weeks later I had my construction license in hand, GREAT JOB and thank you very much!!

AUGUST 30, 2016

Lisa Adams was amazing working on my case. I did hire lawyer to do my application for building contractor, after two weeks into it I received email that my application is incomplete. First thing in the morning , probably after 5 am I sent email to Lisa asking for help with my application. She did respond right the way , and I was in shock. We had to withdraw my application and start everything all over. I think probably 8 days !!! After Lisa sent my application she emailed to me congratulations for my new license. Her service was above and beyond , I really do recommend her services to everybody . Quick and professional !!!
Thank you for everything .

AUGUST 29, 2016

Licenses etc obtained by Building Contractor License and I’ll I had to do was answer a few question. Easy, and I got my license in 2 weeks.

AUGUST 26, 2016

I would like to thank Lisa for all the help she provided she made the process very easy . I would recommend her to help anyone that needs help. Thank you so much

AUGUST 16, 2016

Thank you Lisa for all you have done for me to help make the impossible possible on my journey to becoming a contractor. All I can say is that if you want professional and expert service to acquire your license this is the place you want to go DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT TRY TO ATTEMPT THIS PROCESS WITHOUT PROFESSIONALS LIKE THESE. We submitted the application on 7/7/16. Received a response on 7/23/16 with a problem from my past needless to say Lisa was immediately on it and was able to handle it easily without skipping a beat. I was licensed on 8/4/16. The whole process took only 28 days including the weekend.

Certified Air Cond Contractor.
LIC# CAC1818722

AUGUST 5, 2016

Sean, Thank you for having the patience to work with me. I had come to a road block when filling out my application, and I did not know how to go about it. Sean had assured me that I needed to be patient and to have faith in him in doing his job. After a month of waiting for my license, it finally got approved, and you have no idea how happy I felt. It is a jungle when dealing with DBPR but with Sean; I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank You… !!!! Sincerely, Jesus

AUGUST 4, 2016

Lisa Adams is an excellent help. She has helped me secure my license and made the process very easy. This company has made it is so simple. I would strongly recommend anyone to use their services.

AUGUST 4, 2016

Excellent experience with Licenses, Etc. from beginning to end. The service was professional, courteous and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them for acquiring a construction license.

AUGUST 3, 2016

I cant say enough on what a painless experience this was. Lisa and the staff were very knowledgeable and professional from the beginning to the end. Worth every penny and would highly recommend to anyone that is trying get a state license.

AUGUST 2, 2016

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