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Sean was awesome. I would still be sifting through paper work if it was not for his professional, thorough, courteous and accommodating . Sean’s in depth knowledge of the process and his ability to lead me through the hurdles, made getting my license a snap. I can not thank him enough. If License Etc. provides the service I will use it. Thanks again Sean.

JUNE 30, 2015

Lisa was very accommodating. She took me step by step through the whole process. What I liked most was you could complete your application over an extended period of time. Lisa sends an email with each step highlighted and its all on computer. Once you finished one step it would come off your to do list. No pain at all.

Got my license in exactly 12 days from my final exam.

I recommend Lisa, the application is the most important step in the process and she did an amazing.

DECEMBER 29, 2015

Lisa was fantastic. The paper work was perfect. She worked with us every step of the way. Working with Licenses, etc. was like a breeze. They made the whole process so simple and easy. I don’t think I could have been able to smooth this out the way they did it.
I recommend them to everyone who wants to obtain a Florida GC License. We highly recommend Licenses etc.

DECEMBER 23, 2015

Thank you Lisa, you made this very seamless!!


Lisa and her team have been working with us for a long time getting my bosses license. They did it and he is thrilled!!! They were extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful!
Thank you so much Licenses Etc!!! You will be highly recommended!!!

DECEMBER 16, 2015

Thank you to Sean and all the staff at licenses etc. Great professionalism and very knowledgeable. They walk you through every step of you’re licensing process and truly make it a breeze. overall 5 stars. Highly Recommended

DECEMBER 14, 2015


DECEMBER 9, 2015

Absolutely the best!!! I could not have done it without them. This is what they do ! !! Worth your time and trust. Thanks again Sean Dineen! !!! Licenses Etc rocks.

Atco Construction Inc

DECEMBER 8, 2015

As far as I’m concerned, Sean Dinneen is the “Man of the Year 2015”. He got our FL application through in less than a month with 0 deficiencies, so we asked him to handle Arizona for us also. We had another licensing company start AZ for us and after months of going nowhere, we convinced Sean to take it on. A+ is the grade he got for AZ also. The only deficiency we received was the officers of the company didn’t fill in their entire middle name rather than just their initial. He corrected that immediately and 2 weeks later we got our AZ license! I trust Sean and Licenses, Etc completely. They get it done.

DECEMBER 7, 2015

This one will set the records …..I passed my general contracting license late Dec. 20101and decided to wait one week before I finished the paperwork with Lisa. I thought I deserved it……well I got in a bad car accident that week that caused me to stop my life for 5 years as I fractured my neck and back. My world fell apart and circumstances stopped me from completing my license eligibility. I circled back this year and Lisa Adams, steadfast through my entire process and very sensitive to my struggles achieved our 5 year goal today.
To all that will listen……. this woman is not only a true professional but just a kind,passionate person that puts herself second and her clients first …she is the best, and no ones better. BQ

DECEMBER 3, 2015

Lisa and her team at Licenses Etc. are extremely professional and efficient. They are very thorough and they get the job done right the first time. I highly recommend them for all your licensing needs.

NOVEMBER 25, 2015

Relocating my business from New York to Florida seemed like a daunting task. I didn’t even know where to begin and then I reached out to Lisa Adams at Licenses Etc. Lisa went above and beyond my expectations. I was able to begin the process before leaving NY and within just a few months of arriving in FL my business is up and running. Lisa was professional, knowledgable and patient, always taking the time to answer my questions, no matter how trivial. I highly recommend Licenses Etc.

NOVEMBER 19, 2015

Lisa Adams, aka The Real Deal, is extremely professional, patient, and good at what she does. Everything turned out exactly as planned. She sent my application on Thursday, the state received it Friday, and I was licensed Monday morning. I will only use her for my licensing needs in the future!

NOVEMBER 17, 2015

Licenses etc.. is a great company to help you get your License.
They are professional,knowledgeable and very friendly.
I would highly recommend them for all of your licensing needs.

NOVEMBER 10, 2015

I had a fantastic experience with Sean at Licenses, Etc. He guided me through every step and I always felt he was knowledgeable and capable of getting the job done. I am not the easiest customer, I always have lots of questions, and Sean was great with always a ready answer. I did have an issue with the State of Florida, but Sean was on top of it the same day and we got it resolved very quickly. 10 out of 10, way to knock it out of the park!

NOVEMBER 9, 2015

Thank you Licenses etc. for all the great work on guiding me to apply and received my Certified General Contractor license ! You made it easy for me and you did a wonderful job ! I will recommend you to all my friends !

NOVEMBER 4, 2015

Thank you Lisa for your great work and knowledge!
Going for my roofing license, I will definitely use your services again!!

NOVEMBER 4, 2015

Licenses Etc. is the real deal. They did exactly what they said they would do. Getting my State License was made stress free by their knowledge and experience. I can’t see going with any other company would have gone this well! Thank you Lisa! Thank you Licenses Etc..!!! I’m truly a fan! I will be referring you to any in need of license help!!

OCTOBER 30, 2015

I was amazed at the system they have in place to cut through the red tape and at the speed in which they had my paperwork done. I filled out the information that they needed in less than a hour. They submitted my application to the state on Wednesday and I had my license the following Tuesday. I just want to thank Lisa and her team for getting me through the process. Well worth the money.

OCTOBER 21, 2015

Thank you Lisa very much for the great job you have done, I really appreciate the fast and great service, I will continue to use you and your company in the near future for all of my licensing applications.

OCTOBER 9, 2015

Sean Dinneen did exactly what he said Licenses etc. could do and then some. I had actually thought about applying on my own and believe me what a mistake that would have been. There are going to be some obstacles in the application process that we are not aware of and this I guarantee. His experience and expertise is invaluable in guiding you through the application process. Articles of Incorporation, Amendments, Education criteria, Work History criteria, Liability Insurance criteria, Bonding criteria etc. and most of all solutions to these obstacles. If you are serious about your future let me tell you SO is Sean. After the application was submitted 1 week is all it took to get my license and my path to a new future.

OCTOBER 6, 2015

I am very pleased with Licenses. etc.
We would recommend them and use them again.
Lisa is very professional and helpful.
Thank you again, Lisa.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2015

I want to thank Licenses etc, and especially Lisa Adams, for all the help provided to me in obtaining my contractor’s license. The staff simplified a process that can be time consuming for the individual. Passing the exams is one thing, navigating the complexity of obtaining the license and all the other associated requirements can be overwhelming and distract from getting started with a business. Lisa was invaluable in helping expedite the entire process and offered priceless advise throughout the process. The supporting documents they provided and service exceeded my expectations every step of the way. I highly recommend using this company. The price for their services was extremely reasonable considering what they delivered.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2015

I would like to say THANK YOU so much to Lisa Adams!!! I’m ecstatic about my Building Contractors Certification. Lisa’s experience & professionalism far exceeded my expectations! You have helped me achieve what was once a dream. I highly recommend LICENSES etc!

SEPTEMBER 21, 2015

After passing my exams, I thought I was able to apply my license by myself, but I didn’t want to take the risk of being wrong, so I looked at different companies that lend this service and I found that LICENSES ETC was the best option, and after I completed the process I realized that I was not wrong, they are the best.
I personally want to thank Lisa, she made my application process very easy, and thanks to her I realized that if I had applied by myself, I had made a mistake.
The attention was very pleasant and very easy process
I would thoroughly recommend

SEPTEMBER 17, 2015

Lisa Adams is responsive and gets the job done! When you have a question regarding the licensure process, she is there, responding back to you with an answer. She took charge with registering my Florida, North Carolina and Ohio electrical licenses. Her service is the only efficient way to get your licenses. Thanks, Lisa

SEPTEMBER 14, 2015

Licenses etc. is a professional team that will make the application process for your State licence a breeze. They posted that the waiting time after sending the application to Tallahassee would take like two weeks but in my case it took only six days and that was counting the week end. I am old fashioned and wanted to find an office near me that may had help me with the application in person but since I found none as helpful and knowledgeable as them and since they were referred to me by a relative whom I trust, I trusted them with this task and we did it all by phone and email, nothing would had been easier. If you want to work and worry the least during this process this is the team you need by your side. Lisa is adorable. Thanks you Lisa for your patience and kindness I will miss you 🙂

AUGUST 31, 2015

With a tight deadline looming, we were confused & overwhelmed when trying to navigate a change with our current licensing. From the first initial contact with Licenses Etc. the motion took a quick U-Turn down “easy- street” !!! Thank-You, Sean, We will definitely make you our “First Call” for any of our Licensing needs in the future.

Greg Wright

AUGUST 31, 2015

Lisa was a tremendous asset during this process. Her attention to detail and perseverance is very much appreciated. Licenses Etc. is the go to company for contractors.

AUGUST 27, 2015

Licenses etc. has given a 100% attention to detail and an experience that is unequal. They are the professionals of this Profession. I have learned that you can’t alweays do it yourself although you may think so, so take a deep breath and let Licenses etc take hold, they know what they are doing, trust me as I trusted them and now I am a Licensed A/C Contractor, Thank you again for your time and devotion in helping me.

AUGUST 22, 2015

From start to finish Lisa and her team simplified the application process and I was able to get my RC license. The test is hard enough let Lisa handle the application submission.

AUGUST 14, 2015

Thank you so much for your help. It has been a pleasure working with you. You made everything easy for us. I will definitely refer people to you in the future.

AUGUST 13, 2015

lisa is by far the most awesome person in this industry. she takes care of any and all issues we may encounter with lightning speed. this office is a life saver and I don’t think I could run my business so smoothly without lisa and her staff.

JULY 23, 2015

What a pleasant experience! These folks know what they are doing. They answer every question I had. I had my Air Conditioning Contractors License eight days after submitting my application. Well worth the investment!

JULY 23, 2015

I am very thankful to Sean Dinneen and Licenses etc. They made the process very easy and fast, the license was approved with 10 days. Thank you very much.

JULY 13, 2015

From beginning to end, because of Lisa’s guidance, the licensing process was a breeze. I highly recommend Licenses etc. to anyone in need of a Florida contractors’ license.

JULY 13, 2015

All I can say is AWESOME COMPANY TO WORK WITH!!!!!!!

JULY 13, 2015

Licenses Etc was instrumental in ensuring all paper work was submitted properly and upon completion of all exams ensuring my license was issued quickly. I have heard horror stories of licenses taking months to issue due to various paper work problems however I received mine in approximately two weeks! I am very satisfied with Licenses Etc and believe anyone hiring them would be pleased as well.

JULY 6, 2015

Wonderful experience! Applying for my GC license was an absolutely painless process…..License, Etc. Is prompt, professional and very easy to work with.
My application was processed and approved in a little over 1-week! Thanks Lisa!!!

JULY 6, 2015

Words cannot describe how thankful I am towards Sean and everyone at licenses etc. I previously applied for a license on my own and had a horrible experience. A year applying on my own a friend referred me to licenses etc. After calling I was directed to Sean. From that point forward it was such a smooth easy process. I wouldn’t even consider it a business transaction because it was so enjoyable. The price for the service and professionalism they offer is beyond reasonable. In the future I wouldn’t consider it an option not to use licenses etc. and I will highly refer them to anyone applying for a license. Thanks again!!

JULY 6, 2015

Wow! That was fast! Thank you guys so much for making it such a great experience! I appreciate everything you guys did. I’m glad to see this service offered at such high level of professionalism. Very grateful I stumbled upon your website.

JULY 2, 2015

Sean made the application process painless. He answered all my questions quickly, and gave extremely helpful advice. I would recommend for anyone submitting an application to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation to use the services of Licenses Inc.

JULY 1, 2015

Thank you Sean Dinneen & the team at licenses etc, the service was excellent & I will gladly recommend your company to anyone trying to get a Florida General Contractors license. The process was very smooth & much faster than I had anticipated, thanks again, Martin Truby.

JUNE 20, 2015

Lisa is the BEST! I could never have gotten this done so quickly. I really appreciate all your help and taking care of everything for me. You guys really know what you are doing!!

JUNE 19, 2015

License Etc. has provided me with an invaluable service for obtaining my Contractor’s License. Lisa and the rest of the staff were extremely courteous and friendly. I believe the process would have much more complicated attempting to do this on my own. I would not attempt to go this process alone. I would highly recommend License Etc to anyone that is applying for a contractors License. THANKS LICENSE ETC.

JUNE 19, 2015

Thank Lisa, I’m so excited about this. We won’t do anything related to this license without contacting you to use your service. You were a HUGE help.

JUNE 18, 2015

Sean was awesome! He was very patient with me and offered the best and most professional help. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.

JUNE 6, 2015

There are no words to express my gratitude to Lisa and license ect.I have heard so many nightmare stories about being lost in red tape.Only two weeks after my forms were completed the state approved my license.? Thank you

JUNE 5, 2015

Lisa and her team did a great job on a difficult application very professional and delivered exactly what she promised. Very pleased. Steve

JUNE 4, 2015

Just a note to thank the folks at Licenses Etc.They guided me and got my county license upgraded to a state license.The entire process was painless.It went smooth and I had to do very little on my end.
Thanks Guys & Gals.

MAY 29, 2015

Lisa Adams and the whole Licenses Etc staff went above and beyond to facilitate the complicated licensing process for me. They are really with you every step of the way, their organization and attention to detail made the whole process that much easier which prevented mistakes that other wise would have gone unnoticed and could have delayed my application process. Overall they saved me many headaches, and with their deep knowledge of local and state regulations, hiring Licenses Etc was an excellent investment.

MAY 26, 2015

Thank you for helping me with my license everything went smooth it was a pleasure doing business with you!

MAY 15, 2015

It was an extreme please to work with Sean for help with walking through our licensing procedure. He knew exactly what we needed and how to report and file it properly. I would highly recommend using Licenses etc.

MAY 11, 2015

Molly/Lisa, you guys are awesome, great service very professional and fast.

Thank you very much!!

MAY 8, 2015

Anytime you deal with a new company, there is a little skepticism. After going through the application process with Licenses Etc, I can honestly say that they were the right choice!

MAY 7, 2015

It was an absolute pleasure and great experience working with Lisa Adams and Licenses, etc. The service they provided and approval timing was second to none. I would highly recommend using Licenses, etc. for any of your license needs.

MAY 5, 2015

Licenses Etc is AWESOME! I greatly appreciate everyone’s help and I would especially like to thank Lisa! I will definitely use them in the future and will be sure to refer you guys as well. Thanks again!

MAY 1, 2015

Lisa was great to work with & was very diligent when following up. We would definitely use her services again.

APRIL 28, 2015

It was a pleasure working with Sean and LICENSES etc. Thank you for fast and efficient service. Everything was handled expeditiously and with professionalism. I would entrust you with my business again in a heartbeat. You definitely know your stuff and get the job done. Great company!

APRIL 27, 2015

Lisa and Molly, You are the best. I want to thank you so much for all you did assisting me in obtaining my General Contractor’s license and setting up the business.

It isn’t lost on me that 20+ years ago I completed the process myself. I could NEVER have accomplished either task, and especially the Contractor’s application without you. Moreover, you made it seem so simple.

Your many suggestions and helpful hints made the process easier. It was you who suggested Florida Contractor’s Test Prep. In hindsight, it was your excellent advice, time and again, which put me on the right track.

It’s over. I’m licensed. Just pulled my first permit.

Again, Thank you.

APRIL 24, 2015

The knowledge and experience of Licenses Etc. was invaluable in helping me sort out complicated contractor licensing issues for my client, a large privately owned US homebuilder. Lisa and her staff provided the most professional service and were involved each step of the way from start to finish. They made an otherwise complicated process seem easy. I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Licenses Etc., and I look forward to using them again in the future.

– Robert Harris of Harris Law Firm PLLC

APRIL 16, 2015

Licenses Etc… are fantastic. The customer service was amazing! They were there to answer the simplest of questions to handling all of the details and it made this daunting task of applying for this license was not so overwhelming. Lisa made the whole process look so easy, even with all of our Canadian quirks. A very big thank you to all of you.

APRIL 14, 2015

Do not hesitate to hire Licenses etc. to validate your applications. They certainly know their business and are hands down better than the rest. I will definitely use them again.
Lisa will make it happen!

APRIL 13, 2015

I greatly appreciate the service and help I got from Lisa and Molly at Licenses etc. From start to finish they were with me all the way and now I have my license. Jordan. Certified building contractor in Tampa. Thank you team!

APRIL 9, 2015

Sean & Licenses etc. did a great job. They took the stress out of filling out the application. This enabled us to keep doing what we do best, build stairs. Now we can work else where in the state with ease. Money well spent.

Thanks for a job done well.

Doug Adams

APRIL 7, 2015

Sean and the rest of the team at Licenses etc. have been professional, timely and accurate. I will recommend your services highly!!!

Thank you,

APRIL 6, 2015

I was having trouble with my application for my contractors license and decided to call licenses etc. after recommendations from a friend. I talked to Lisa and she made the whole process extremely easy. After a few emails and phone calls I was licensed faster then I would have ever been able to by myself. Thank you!!

APRIL 3, 2015

Thanks for taking the wheel and completely handling everything. Not often you can basically sit back and have someone else handle it all. Thanks for making it seamless and easy to get my new business set up, official and legal; no worries, no hassles.

MARCH 26, 2015

Licenses etc was such a large help I personally worked with Sean on my application very professional and very knowledgeable in the field. I would highly recommend anyone to use there services. I will be personally using them for all my future needs. Thank you again Sean it was a pleasure working with you.

MARCH 20, 2015

I just want to say that working with Licenses Etc. made preparing my application almost effortless. They took my information and organized it to complete my application with very little time investment from me. My application was approved in 3 days!! Thanks much for all of your hard work.

MARCH 13, 2015

Thanks Sean and Licenses Etc. , I would recommend your services to anyone, I couldn’t believe how simple you guys made everything, I had my license in hand 10 days after you sent it in!!! Thanks again and to anyone that thinks they can do it on their own, don’t…, DW

MARCH 11, 2015

Licenses etc. Was very professional and took the time to walk me through what was required of me to obtain my license. Special thanks go’s out to Sean Dinneen for all his help and going the extra mile to see my dream accomplished.

MARCH 4, 2015

You guys are the best! You made the application process to obtain my CPC extremely simple. All was approved within 2 weeks! Thanks again!

FEBRUARY 27, 2015

I am so grateful for Licenses, Etc. It would have taken me triple the time to file all the documents myself, and I wouldn’t have known where to start. Lisa made everything so simple and answered all my questions without making me feel like a burden. We were in such a rush to get our license, and she made it happen. I definitely recommend Licenses, Etc!

FEBRUARY 16, 2015

Licenses Etc. was the best choice I made in helping me get my license through DBPR. What has been takling me over 4 months to do, they accomplished in 5 days. They said they would stay on top of it and not let any paperwork sit on someones desk and they did. I was astonished when I had my license in 5 days from the time I gave them all the information. I will be working through them for now on for all my state needs.

FEBRUARY 14, 2015

Licenses ect. has provided me with top of the line service, and streamlined the processing of my GC license. If I would have tried to do this on my own, it would have taken me months. Thank you Sean for your hard work and dedication to me during this period; you really gave me exceptional service!

FEBRUARY 11, 2015

Working with Licenses etc. has been a blessing to us. Sean was knowledgeable on all requirements of the state and made our license process an easy step by step process. Once we provided all our info, Sean reviewed and helped clear up anything the state may question which allowed our application to be approved in 5 days and we are now State Certified Building Contractors. Thank you Sean and Licenses ect!

MARCH 5, 2015

Lisa, Thank you and your team so much for your help! You made this painless! Thank you again! Have a great day!

FEBRUARY 3, 2015

Licenses, etc is the BEST company to deal with. Extremely professional and reliable. They are extremely friendly and will help you get the license that you need!

JANUARY 28, 2015

Lisa, at Licenses, etc was recommended to me and they were instrumental in getting my license application processed correctly and that resulted in my license being issued in 1 week.
Their knowledge, help and diligence in the application process was impressive.
Thank you Lisa and Licenses, etc.
I will recommend you to anyone else I know trying to obtain a contractors license.
Carl Yacobacci of Olde Birmingham Construction Services, LLC

JANUARY 26, 2015

I wasn’t initially sold to the idea of hiring a consulting firm to help me go through the application process for the GC license. After all, I had managed the exam portion myself without any issues.
I ended up choosing Licenses etc. for their professionalism and ease to talk to and I can’t be more happy about it! Sean was knowledgeable, accessible, very efficient and fun to work with.

I saved a lot of time by having answers to my questions only a few minutes away and received my license in 7 days! (I’ll also thank the DBPR for that! )

JANUARY 21, 2015

I used License Etc. to fill out my Application for a class” B” Air Licence. A friend with the same qualifications decided to do it himself to save the expense. I received my Licence approval in 7 business days. He got his application scrutinized because it was poorly filled out. He now has to go in front of the board while I’m already in business.

Truly grateful to Sean Dinneen and his team for doing an excellent job.

JANUARY 20, 2015

Excelente service, always on top of my process.. Will recomend to others companies..

JANUARY 13, 2015

Thank you so much!! You have been a great help. I will refer others I know for licensing needs.

JANUARY 9, 2015

Just want to express my gratitude to License etc., and to Lisa Adams in helping me to get my state license. Lisa Adams was outstanding, diligent, and extremely professional in handling my questions, and worries. Thank you Lisa!

JANUARY 9, 2015

Very professional and efficient process, 5-star from start to finish. Thank you!

JANUARY 8, 2015

I just want to thank Sean for all his hard work on my GC licenses application. Sean’s experience in dealing with the state made the process quick and easy. I first thought that the price was a lot to pay but it was worth every penny. I look forward to putting my new General Contractors license to work. Thank you Sean!!!

JANUARY 5, 2015

I want to thank you again for all you diligence in this application. My Friend Bobby and I learned AC together , worked together and took our exams around the same time. He sent in for his license 10 days before mine and is still getting letters requesting corrections on some of the simplest stuff.

JANUARY 5, 2015

Dear Mr. Sean Dinneen, it was a pleasure working with you. Thank you for all your passion, professionalism and experience working with us.
This is a wonderful way to start 2015 (by getting the license)

JANUARY 2, 2015

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